Problem with VMWare 7 and Windows 7 Networking

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Hi experts,

I'm running VMware 7 on a Windows 7 64-bit host and trying to get an XP Pro SP3 VM to connect to my network. I have no success with either Bridged or NAT.

VMware NAT Service is running on the host. Assigning a static IP to the VM from my router does not help. Disabling Windows Firewall on the host and guest does not help. VMware Bridging is enabled on my host's Ethernet adapter. Antivirus monitoring is disabled on the XP guest.

This all worked just fine when I used Vista x64 and VMware 6.5. By the way, I have created a brand new VM with the W7/VMW7 combination and it acts just the same way. My Windows 98 VM works with NAT. Been at this for hours on end and no threads I've read have helped.

Perhaps there is a registry mod I need to do? I read one user that fixed his problem using Cleaner's registry cleaner, but there's no way I'm running a reg cleaner. I've read enough on this forum to know better.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Problem with VMWare 7 and Windows 7 Networking


There are many problem that arises when using VMware on Windows 7 problems as follows; No network connectivity in Virtual Machine, when using the quest operating system you cannot connect to the internet, no IP address on your Virtual Machine, After you upgrade you VMware you have no internet connection, Bridged and NAT networking is not working, you see an “x” on the connection that found in the system tray, the Ethernet controller was not installed properly or unavailable, or when you mouseh over on the network icon on the system tray you see this message: “No connections are available or “Not connected”.

You can try below the troubleshooting steps to solve these issues. These troubleshooting guides are linked to another page that will further solve these problems. When you conduct each step, always observe the connection if already been fixed so you do not need to continue performing the remaining steps.

1. Double check your Mac if it has a network connection. You can refer to this link for more information.

2. See if the firewall in Virtual Machine is not blocking the internet access. For the following Windows Operating System follow each suggested guide. For Windows XP go to this site. For Windows Vista refer to this link. For Windows 7 user, access this page.

3. If you have installed an antivirus on you virtual machine, make sure that it is not blocking the connection to internet.

4. Have a full scan on your virtual machine to check if there are some viruses that might cause these problems.

5. If your adapter is on Bridged then switch to NAT or from NAT change to Bridged.

6. Try to update the network adapter of your Windows from Device Manager.

1. From you virtual machine, click the “start” right click the Computer from the list and click “Manage”.
2. Select the “Device Manager”.
3. Select on the “Network Adapters” and expand it by clicking the arrow.
4. Locate Ethernet Controller and right click it and click the “Update Driver Software”.
5. Close the window and restart the computer.

7. Perform a re-installation of network adapters.

1. On Virtual Machine, click “start” right click the Computer and click “Manage”.
2. Click the “Device Manager”.
3. Expand the Network Adapter list.
4. Right click on the adapter and select uninstall.
5. On the menu bar, select “Action” and click for “Scan for hardware changes.
6. Restart the computer.

8. This should solve the issue regarding the networking of your computer and the Virtual Machine.

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Problem with VMWare 7 and Windows 7 Networking


If you are using VMware and want to connect it to your network then you can make it easily you have go to connection settings and then you can make it available for you VMware.

But in this case your problem is that your Network is not working with your window 7 make sure that you have assign all different password for your VMware and window, and there is no error for IP conflict.

Also you can check that your network is assigned which a valid gate way address if you are using DHCP server then make sure it is configured and is working.

You can make a test of your device by going to DOS, To go to DOS click on START and then select run now type CMD and press enter or click OK. Here in dos type tracert (web site address).

Example: You can write tracert: It will trace the path of your network and tell you the result of your enquiry.

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