Virtual PC cannot run in Windows 7

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I'm working on a new desktop with Windows 7 Home with 4 GB Ram and 320 GB HDD installed. I'm using a desktop application that apparently only working properly in Windows XP so I was told to try and use Virtual PC. The problem is Virtual PC cannot work properly in Windows 7 Home. 

I have tried to reinstall Virtual PC but still failed. I know for a fact my colleague use Windows 7 with Virtual PC so he can run the desktop application. What did I do wrong with the installation of Virtual PC. Is there any additional steps for installation or perhaps any workaround for the problem ?

Any suggestions and ideas are really appreciated.



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Virtual PC cannot run in Windows 7


Hi Jeff,

The solution depends on your version of virtual PC. If you are using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 or earlier, it is not supported by Windows 7 Home Premium or Home Basic. IF you are using Windows Virtual PC, it requires hardware virtualization support if you did not install the new update from Microsoft. If your processor and motherboard both do not support virtualization, or if it is not enabled in the BIOS, you need that update to run Windows Virtual PC properly. You can check your motherboards BIOS to see if virtualization is enabled. If you can not find the option, you can check your processor and motherboard manufacturer’s respective websites to check if your models support hardware virtualization. If they do not support hardware virtualization you can try the microsoft’s update.

You can also use VMware player instead of Windows virtual machine to see if it works for you.

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Virtual PC cannot run in Windows 7


There’s a possibility to run Virtual PC with a Windows XP installation although the website reports that “Windows XP Mode” is not running for people having Windows 7 Home.

Download the software from the following link:

You can see on the page that the Windows 7 Home edition is supported:

You can’t use the pre-configured XP virtual machine, but you can use a separate version of Windows XP fully licensed and install it on your own virtual machine.

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