Integer arithmetic and its terms

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I am very confused in Integer Arithmetic and the terms in it,please help me in Negation,overflow Rule and Subtraction Rule.


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Integer arithmetic and its terms

Integer Arithmetic is very common Arithmetic function.It is in the form of two components,single component is invalid in Integer Arithmetic. In Integer Arithmetic following terms are used in it.The first is Negation then the Addition and Subtraction Rule, Overflow rule then the Subtraction Rule and multiplication Rule, Unsigned Integer and last is The division rule.
Negation is very simple term,it will use where we only need to invert or create opposite sign with the integer.Negation only invert the sign of the bit such as if we have i=5 then negation of i is i=-5.
Overflow is very easy to understand,if the numbers used are of the same sign like both numbers are negative or both numbers are positive then we will say this is overflow.
Subtraction is the simplest rule,it subtract one number from another.

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