Virtual memory fix utility download

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Hello, experts! I am using different application in my Mac. Actually, I am feeling slow performance in my Mac. Someone said it's because of Virtual memory very low. I want to fix it up. Please help me to find out Virtual memory fix utility download link. Thank you!

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Virtual memory fix utility download


Hi Mark P Glancy,

MAC OS after using system memory, uses virtual memory to run different application / programs like  Windows OS. For this purpose they use a method called the swap file. Swap file keeps idle component of different application or program and present it to the RAM as & when required. To enhance the performance of MAC PC you can check with the following method without using the utility.

1. Increase the size of the RAM which will definitely enhance the performance by increasing system memory.

2. Keep your hard drive space clean as much as possible. The more hard drive space gives you more space for swap file. And in turn gives you high performance.

3. Keep all the unwanted program shut until the moment it actually required for you.

Apart from that you can check the utility here which is a good way for enhancing performance.

Hope that it assist you to get better performance.

Thanks & Regards,


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