Virtual DJ fails to mix music

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Virtual DJ is throwing up an error message when I try to mix my music. I do not have much experience but I have done mixing before. I installed it on Windows XP and now on Windows 7. The error message is displayed below. How do I resolve it?

Decompressing this file in memory would require 75MB of contiguous memory. Your system has only total of 1619MB available free segments and they are too fragmented to hold a contiguous buffer.

Therefore, the song will be loaded on-the fly from the drive (and the full waveform preview will not be available.

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Virtual DJ fails to mix music


The reason for this is maybe because you are running VirtualDJ while other programs are running as well. It seems that VirtualDJ is always having difficulty when processing music with heavily fragmented memory. Heavy fragmentation in the memory happens when you are running too many applications simultaneously or you are opening and closing programs very frequently.

It may also help if you increase the size of your virtual memory or the page file. The page file is the one responsible for managing the virtual memory of the computer. To learn the correct way of resizing your virtual memory, please refer to Windows terminal server proxy.

To fix your problem, try closing all other programs and leave VirtualDJ running alone and then try mixing again. If this doesn’t work, this is maybe because the memory is still heavily fragmented. In this case, close your program, restart your computer then open VirtualDJ again. After this don’t open any other applications besides your VirtualDJ.

You may also try installing the latest version. Visit Download VirtualDJ Home Free to download the latest version, VirtualDJ Home 7.4. It is also available in Mac OS X version.

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