Video recording and the use of stereo mics

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What are the reasons why a video camera requires a stereo microphone and of what importance is the stereo microphone in a video recording? Are there precautionary measures to really put into consideration with when recording? If yes may I know them please? Steven Mark Lucas is my name from Liberia. Thank you. Thank you.

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Video recording and the use of stereo mics


Hello Ave!

Stereo camera is important to microphone because it’ll give you more clear feedback or better voice and sound capture. Built in microphone within camera will give you bad feedbacks and will capture not just the handling noise but also the mechanical noise coming from your camera.

I’d rather not say precautionary measures in recording, better to mention guidelines to have a professional camera capture. As I’ve been covering video recordings and editing, I’ll give you the best guidelines that I always follow.

1.  Extra batteries. This is important, especially if you’re covering events out of town.

2.  Power-surge or extensions wires. Like with extra batteries, power surge must be with you always. At least in different sets, like 15-25-30-50 meters long power surge so that you can move around freely.

3.  Stereo microphones. As mentioned above, stereo phones comes in handy with video recordings. Extension handle (similar selfie-stick) will be good also. Shock mounts or stabilizers will be best in capturing videos.

4.  Extra memory cards and if still using video cam films.

5.  A tri-pad will come in handy with professional coverage.

6.  RCA connectors, y-jacks/connector to convert the connection between receiver and sound devices. And many more.

7.  A very efficient video editing software will be your neutralizer once done with the coverage. With this if there’s any part of the video captured cannot be repeated you can edit, delete, or make a cover-up in proper way to provide clients better output.

These are some of my guidelines. If you’re just using your digital camera or handheld phones or devices, it is best to have stabilizers to avoid and minimize the vibrating movements of our hands. A better microphone or external microphones for your phone will be good. Since you’re using digital devices it is not hard to edit and improve the output quality of your videos by editing it with any software available in the market.


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