Conserve Hard Drive disk space

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How will I conserve the remaining space of my hard drive disk and does this have an effect on my unit?

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Conserve Hard Drive disk space



Hard disk is a safe place where you we usually keep our important data as a safe storage. But sometimes it may crash or it may damage for technical problem. Then we may lost our important data in one second from that safe storage. So that’s important to keep safe our hard disk. You should uninstall unused or  useless software and you should delete useless file too. You should use a utility tool for customize your hard disk properly. You should compress files as a zip folder for save space and rescue from virus or unwanted threats.  You should keep back up files for future. You should compress drive or partition by  NTFS Compression


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Conserve Hard Drive disk space


Hello Tiffany.

To save up on hard drive space, here are a few suggestions I can give you:

1.  Remove unnecessary files such as CHKDSK fragments, log files, temporary files, and temporary Internet files.    Download and install CCleaner:

CCleaner ​Piriform automates the process of finding and deleting these unnecessary files.

2.  Remove duplicate files.  Sometimes our music, movie or photos can have duplicates.  Duplicate Cleaner Free

Duplicate Cleaner can automate the search and removal of duplicate files for you.

3.  Compress seldom used files.  Use WinZip, 7-zip, or WinRAR to compress your files into ZIP or RAR files to save on some space.

To download and install 7-Zip, please watch the video below:

4.  Transfer some files onto optical media such as DVD or CD.  Make sure to use archival quality media to ensure that your data doesn't get corrupted over time.

Hope this helps!

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