Is there a way to really increase the internet speed?

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If there is legitimate software from reputed company to increase the internet speed? I have heard that with some changes in the modem/internet settings in the computer, people are able to get increased connection speed. I do not want to take risk in harming or completely messing up with the settings as i am naive in computers. Please let me know how to do this process safely and any backup options if available if i really get things wrong and get stuck with no internet Advance thank you for the help.

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Is there a way to really increase the internet speed?



By default, there are few system tweaks available that’ll increase the internet speed.

Some system settings reserve a portion of your bandwidth and causes slow performance. If those are disabled, the reserved bandwidth will be at your hand.

First of all, try the following tweak.

1. From Start menu, type “gpedit.msc” >> hit Enter.

2. Go to Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Network >> QoS Packet Scheduler.

3. Double-click “Limit reservable bandwidth”.

4. Select “Enabled” >> change “Bandwidth limit” to 0.

5. Click Apply >> OK.

There are also some paid software like Internet Cyclone that tweaks the system and increases the speed. Get Internet Cyclone.

If you’re focusing on increasing your download speed, you can use any good download manager like IDM, EagleGet etc.

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Is there a way to really increase the internet speed?


There is no way of literally boosting up your internet connection beyond the advertised speed of your internet plan or internet subscription. What you can do on your end is to just improve the connection and remove any possible lag which is very common. One tool that might help you improve your connection’s speed is TCP Optimizer.

It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. It is a free and easy to use program that provides an intuitive interface for optimizing and tuning your connection. This tool is aimed towards broadband internet connection but can still be helpful when tuning other connection types like dial-up and Gigabit+. Another program that might be of use to you is Dns Jumper.

This program allows you to flush your current DNS servers and replace it with faster DNS servers listed in the program.

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