Vendor code 906 shown at line 1 column 113

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I am a trainee developer, facing lot of errors in the beginning of my career. Ok coming to the problem, today again I faced one new error. Error message explains me to some extent, missing left parenthesis. This should be in the syntax command line. Is comment also needed to be checked? Help please.

Error Image

Words in the Error Image

Error encountered

An error was encountered performing the requested operation:

ORA-00906: missing left parenthesis

00906.000- “missing left parenthesis”



Vendor code 906Error at Line:1 Column:113

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Vendor code 906 shown at line 1 column 113


The error “ORA-00906: missing left parenthesis” means at the time of executing a statement the left parenthesis is required but this is missed somehow. There are certain statements as ‘Create table’, ‘create cluster’, ‘Insert’, ‘Subqueries’ etc. requires a list of items that should come enclosed in parentheses. So, the option is to see the error and correct the syntax and then again re-execute this.

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