Access denied – ‘wscript.exe’ due to spyware.

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My computer runs with Windows Server 2003.

Every time I try to execute ‘.vbs’ file, an error message is displayed which says ‘Access Denied’.

I think spyware is blocking the ‘wscript.exe’.

I have run the ‘wscript.exe’ from its original path which is in the drive ‘C’ ,

‘Windows’ folder and ‘System 32’ folder, but the same message is displayed again.

Also, I have executed within the administrator account, but there is no change in the result.

So, please help me to sort out this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Access denied – ‘wscript.exe’ due to spyware.


You don't have enough permissions or the wscript is not recognizing you as the administrator. So you should try something in the registries. But this is a risky task and you should do this on your own.

  1. Click Start and type regedit in Run.
  2. Go to Hkey_Classes_Root*Shell and create a new key under this and name it anything like "userkey".
  3. Go to your newly made key. On the right side, double click the value need default and edit it. Type "giving admin access".
  4. Now make a new subkey under "userkey" and name it "code".
  5. Again on the right side double click the Default and in the dialogue box type the following
  6. wscript.exe "D:Microsoft VSmyscriptsyourscript.vbs" "%1"
  7. The path in bold characters can be changed by your own path which will be different from this one.
  8. Click OK. Restart and your are ok with it.

Another Method is to create new registry keys

  1. Go to Hkey_UsersDefaultSoftwareMicrosoftWindows Script HostSettings
  2. BatchMode: REG_DWORD: 0 must be like this
    DisplayLogo: REG_DWORD: 0 same as it is
    Timeout: REG_DWORD: 0 can change it, but I prefer not to.

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Access denied – ‘wscript.exe’ due to spyware.


Hi Michelle Bang.

I got my problem solved by chosen the second step.

Awesome, Thank you very much. 

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