An validation Error has occurred

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An error occurred when I attempted to enter a file name in the Add Program dialog box. It shows me invalid file name as I have entered the correct name in the path. How can I fix this error box? I am running Windows XP Operating System. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Validation error

Invalid file name. A valid file name cannot contain any of the following characters:


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An validation Error has occurred


Hi Katherine,
The error is because the file name is not in proper format.
To resolve this error follow the rules mentioned below.
1) The file name should be a short name with eight character name
2) It must have a period (.) and a 3 character extension
3) The length of the file name can be extended by adding a vertical bar (|)
4) There should not be any special characters in the file name
5) The full path syntax is not allowed

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An validation Error has occurred


If you want to specify a name for your file, you cannot create or give a name that contains the special characters indicated in the error message. Those characters serve different functions to the system that’s why they cannot be used as part of a file name. To name a file properly, use the letters from “A” to “Z” and numbers from “0” to “9”.

You can also use a dash or a hyphen (-) in the file name as well as underscore (_), at sign (@), and more except those symbols mentioned in the error message.

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