Using Ubuntu with Windows 7

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I have a pc which has configuration of Dual core processor and 2 GB ram.

Could I use Ubuntu 11.4 parallally with windows 7?

Does it affect my pc's performance?

I also want to know about the Ubuntu11.4 OS requirement.

Help me please.

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Using Ubuntu with Windows 7


You can do a dual boot or using a VMware software to try out your Ubuntu on Windows 7.

Dual Booting:

When you have the Ubuntu on a bootable device like CD, DVD or USB. Simply boot the device and then select a different drive on where this Ubuntu operating system will be installed. It is pretty easy just like running an Ubuntu on a single computer. You can also try burning your Ubuntu on a USB drive and create it as a bootable operating system that automatically run once the USB is declared bootable.

Virtual Machine Software:

Download the latest Virtual Machine Software from the Microsoft website for Window 7 and then just look for the somewhere or tutorial on how to set it up. You will learn that it runs just like a single computer but it needs to share resources with your currently system. Once you set up your VMware start installing your Ubuntu inside it, but your have to remember that doing this you will have a difficult time trying to install different application software.

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Using Ubuntu with Windows 7


Dual booting might take some risk since it hosts 2 OS's on a single box. use live cd or bootable flash drive to carry on your Linux, so you can safely learn Linux. another option is using virtual machine.

You can select vmware, virtualbox, qemu, or something like that. you can choose Linux as host and windows as guest or vice versa

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