Using a Limewire is harmful?

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I once used a limewire but when I had a computer subject my friend told me to delete that application. it is harmful and may bring damaged to my PC, I was so shock and worried. 

I want to still use it and hopefully someone can give an advice on how I can prevent it if that in for is really true.

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Using a Limewire is harmful?


Hello Leyhbaulo,

 Limewire may be a threat or not but in reality it doesn't affect your system it only affects the one you have downloaded and its a peer to peer file sharing client. It means that you download files, movies,games or etc. you will get random kinds of viruses which it came from that file and may cause a virus in your PC.

Otherwise Limewire still be the best software for downloading a file but be sure you are not clicking the wrong one if there is something pop up and your not familiar don't approve or it could be a random spyware that may trick your PC and access your files unauthorizedly and will result to envade viruses.

Hope it helps a'lot,


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Using a Limewire is harmful?


Limewire is one of the best peer to peer applications I ever used. I have downloaded a lot of movies, mp3s, applications and many others.

This is not safe according to many users because this software or application serves as a gateway of worms, viruses and Trojans. Virus can travel with this application because you are connected to many computers just like you are in Local Area Network. Computer infected with viruses that are using this application may infect their clients.

In my own experience this is safe when you have the complete precautionary measures. The most important is, you must have internet security or anti-virus and off course firewall is important.

With this tools in your computer you are safe unless if your security or virus definition is not update.

So you must update or definition regularly for your safety.


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