Using Laptop Computers Running Windows 7 on Wireless Networks

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The main office at Margie’s Travel has two wireless networks. Employees can typically move between one area of the office to another without losing connectivity. However, one employee complains of poor service when she is seated at her desk, though she has no problem if she moves to another part of the building.

How do you solve this problem?

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Using Laptop Computers Running Windows 7 on Wireless Networks


Are the other laptops experiencing the same way? If YES, the problem might be related to distance, physical obstructions and wireless interferences issues. Try the following: 

  • Get rid of the devices that could cause wireless interference such as microwave ovens, wireless phones that runs in 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth devices and any other devices . If it won’t work, try the next step.
  • Change the wireless channel of the wireless router /access points to 1, 6, or 11. Access the set-up page of your router or modem router. Access the set-up using a computer that is connected to the router. Open a browser and type the IP Address of the router or modem in the browser's address bar. The default IP address of router is the router's username and password. (It’s not the router's wireless name and password). When you are in the set-up page click on Wireless tab and change the channel. If it won’t work, try the next step.
  • Set the wireless access point/router’s Transmit Rate to Auto. If it won’t still work, then you can buy a Range Expander. Range Expander extends the wireless signal to farther distances.

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