Using Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop

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The DODGE and BURN tool lightens and darkens the pixels when we paint over them. But how can I get the circle back when it disappears using the above tools? Because sometimes, it is impossible to hit the Undo button in Adobe Photoshop. Tendency is we will need to start adding a new layer again.  

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Using Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop



Actually in Adobe Photoshop there exists an undo button (ctrl + z).  If you apply it undo your step made before. And if you apply the button again it will undo again what you have finally done that is your previous undoing. It will be toggling between the two steps. Then it won’t help you in your job.

But Adobe Photoshop provides History Window ( Window  -> History) which allow you to visualize and move through your previous actions you have made. 


And  Adobe Photoshop makes it easier moving through previous actions with commands ‘step backward’ ( alt + ctrl + z ) and ‘step forward’ ( shift + ctrl + z ). These commands are equal to the ordinary undo command and redo command.  

And these will allow you to get done what you want.

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