Having problems with Photophop CS5

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Hi! I am having troubles with CS5 since some time ago. Now when I open picture I can see it only in layers or when I move it, otherwise I can see only gray picture. Everything was really good till some guy came to fix my computer, he did something and since then it works only like that. I reinstalled it twice, nothing happened, please help me what could it be.

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Having problems with Photophop CS5


It seem that guy change some settings in your video graphics driver, but before we go overboard, let’s try this solution first

> Close your CS5 app>click on the CS5 launch icon, then immediately press and hold down this key combination (Ctrl + ALT + Shift) >answer yes when a dialog box pops up. It will then reset your CS5 Preferences.

If it’s not working, then check your GPU driver if it’s updated.

To check, click on win logo then type “device manager” then hit ENTER.

Expand display adapters then click on your driver> then click update driver, it’s located above, I put a circle on the photo.

It will solve your problem unless your computer doesn’t meet the CS5 system requirements.


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Having problems with Photophop CS5


There can be many reasons for getting this type of issue. Try out these below solutions to solve the issue.

1. Update your video card driver.

2. Updating video card driver doesn’t help, Then Disable OpenGL Drawing.

a. To disable OpenGL Drawing Go to Edit

b. Click on preferences

c. Click on performance

3. If 2nd option also doesn’t solve your problem, Then you should calibrate your monitor using hardware calibration device.

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