Using Connectify in laptop as wireless router

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I am using a, "Connectify application" as wireless router on my laptop. So my other mobile device such as mobile phone can connect to the internet via wireless.

My question is, what is the range of wireless? And is it possible to expand the range?

If possible, can you tell me how?


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Using Connectify in laptop as wireless router


Good Day Nunoz4life,

  • Wireless router usually provides long range, for about 30-1000 feet wireless signal strength. This depends on the type of router and its model number. There are a number of wireless routers available in the market, that promise strong signals.
  • You will need to log-in to your Router GUI page, and make sure that wireless is set to a maximum wireless booster range. Wireless antenna also can be replaced, to enhance wireless signal. Wireless booster can be added and replace built-in wireless antenna of a router.

Steps to perform:

  1. Purchased wireless range extender.
  2. Install using the disk provided and it’s pretty straight forward.
  3. Set the channel to maximum, 11 is the strongest.

Contact us if needed more help.

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Using Connectify in laptop as wireless router



Wireless connection can broadcast wireless network from 30-1000 feet range. This can also extend up to twice the range of numbers mentioned. By the use of wireless booster, that boost up wireless signal by the use of additional antenna.

Now, Wimax also uses wireless connection which is considered wide area network for wireless. This signal is similar to a router but this uses long range of antenna by the use of Tower.

3G-4G is now widely use for mobile phone and uses wireless connection offers high speed Internet up to 10 Mbps or more depending on the speed caters by ISP.

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