The different between distributed and parallel computing

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Hello everyone,

I want to ask something about computing.
What is the different between distributed computing and parallel computing?
What are the pros and cons to each of them?
When do we use each of them?
Is there related to cloud computing?
Thanks in advance.
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The different between distributed and parallel computing


Distributed Computing is a field that studies distributed system. Mainly being used to solve computational problems. In this system, each processor has its own private memory.

Pros: In a system, each user can share the computing power and storage resource with other users.

Cons: Each computer has only limited, incomplete view of the system and may know only one part of the input.

Parallel Computing is a method where each systems work together to resolve`to resolve a computing task. In this system, all processors have access to a shared memory.

Pros: It shortens the completion time of each task. Ideal for complex and large problems

Cons: Transmission speed is low due to media limitation. Communication and synchronization between the sub-task. Difficult to program to supports parallel computing.

Cloud Computing means delivering hosted services over the internet. It can be private or public and is fully managed by the provider.

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The different between distributed and parallel computing


Both distributed and parallel computing refer to performing multiple tasks at the same time.

The main difference is that while in distributed computing every processor has its own dedicated memory, in parallel computing all processors share the same memory unit.

As pros, distributed computing allows every user to share both computing power and memory with others. Parallel computing is recommended for large, complex tasks, thanks to its shorter time necessary to solve such problems.

As cons in distributed computing, a limited vision of the whole system has to be mentioned. As for parallel computing, the transmission speed is lower, as there are media limitations.

Cloud computing, which can be public or private, consists in the use of hardware and software resources delivered as services over a network, usually the Internet.

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