Norstar- Sending Messages Over Network Made Easy

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Hi. I have just started following Norstar. I was reading the user guide when I came across a question which addressed the issue of sending a network message to a person in a different location from a different location. Can you please give me a brief introduction for the same? Why do we need message networking?

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Norstar- Sending Messages Over Network Made Easy


Hi. Message networking is used to connect CallPilot and other voicemail systems at various locations.

There are three ways to send a message over a network.

1) Network Delivery Mailbox

2) Site-based addressing

3) Direct addressing,

However, it should also be noted that the network messages can be sent from the mailbox only. The leave message feature cannot be used.


Next let us discuss how network messages can be sent. If a girl named Lisa working in say Office1 wants to send a message to Billy working in Office2, then if Billy has a Network delivery mailbox, Lisa can send the message using that. When the message is created, network delivery information such as the site prefix of Office1 and Billy’s mailbox number is added to it, and the message is automatically delivered to Billy. Now if Lisa does not have a network delivery mailbox in her office, Billy will have to send her the message using site-based addressing. For that, he will need to know about the site prefix of his office site which can be obtained from the system administrator. After the message is recorded and network delivery information is entered, the message is automatically delivered to Lisa’s mailbox.

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