USB would not open in my laptop

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Please help me on my USB file it would not open. I try other USB it has no problem. In my laptop it wouldn't detect. For assistance please.

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USB would not open in my laptop

There will be an errors on your USB or some files was missing that last time you used it. I'm sure there gonna be a lot of viruses in your PC. 
1. Download a virus scanner, scanned your computer, removed those viruses found on the virus scanner so it would no scatter.
2. Check your USB to the other computer if it is detected. If it is, copy your files and place it in your back up USB if you have or hardisk, make sure this files are already scanned and virus free,
3. Format your USB by clicking start menu > drive e: (which your USB located) right click and click format.
4. If there are other option don't use the quick format. Just use the regular one so that it will guarantee to remove the viruses . 
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USB would not open in my laptop


If your USB cannot open on your computer, then it could be because of one of the two things below or both of them:

  • Your computers USB port may be having a problem. Either it is dead and therefore cannot detect the flash drive, a case that will need that you replace that you replace that USB port. But before you for replacement, you might try plugging the USB device in another USB port on the computer in case it has multiple USB ports. You can also test the flash drive from another computer and see if it works from there.
  • Otherwise, the USB device itself is the one that has problems. In case you plug it on another computer that you are sure its USB ports are not faulty and it is not detected the flash drive has a problem. You may need to obtain another flash drive.
  • Check also the COM ports on your computer make sure that USB drivers have been installed.

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