Data from USB was unfound and lost

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Hi People,

I just arrived from work and i'm planning to upload my video presentation in my USB. I am using my desktop PC right now and I can't seem to find my files. I am pretty sure I copied it in my USB stick. Are my files deleted? Are they gone forever? If not, how can I get those back? I really need those files for work very badly.

Thank you. Glen Tapia

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Data from USB was unfound and lost

Try to check all of your files in your USB if still there. If not then you have a problem with you USB, this have to be fix first. Check your USB using another computer if it's detected or not, if still not detected then i conclude that your USB 
drive has been damaged, this has to be replaced.
If it's detected to the other computer, then you must reformat your USB using your old computer and create your USB backup to the new computer. Once done, check your USB using your antivirus and delete those viruses found on your USB. Make sure you remove those unwanted files which has a virus before you start your USB. Just repeat this process once you encountering this error.  
Next time you install back up software like smart software
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Data from USB was unfound and lost


When you connect your USB drive to your computer, does it show that there is some space that has been occupied by some files? You need to check that.

  • Connect your USB drive to the computer.
  • Go to start, and the click on Computer.
  • In the window that opens, look for the USB drive and look how much space if free and how much space has been occupied.
  • In case there is some space that has been occupied, then the files are on the USB drive but they have been hidden.
  • You will need to unhide the files by going to the control panel and then choosing folder options, and then unhide the files.

If the files are there, and you do not recall removing them, then they could have been deleted by a virus that has invaded your USB drive.

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