Computer hangs when i remove the software

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I'm just new on this site! My computer is showing a big problem that is when I want to remove any software from my computer then the computer is hanging and no respond until I switch off the computer. Please give a perfect solution for this problem.


Dave Goliath.

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Computer hangs when i remove the software



Hi Dave,
Some of your files in your Operating Systems already corrupt. That is due to missing files, that's the reason your computer 
hangs because the operating system is looking for that missing file. If this file cannot be located it will still remain at this state which is always hanging every time.
Find the spyware or virus in your computer that causes this hanging.
It is best when your computer "freeze" to prevent the scattering of virus.
Scan all your drives c: and d:| etc.
Update your virus scanner so that you will be protected, to detect new viruses which is newly made by programmer.
Install your new Operating System, this will just take 2 hours and it really solves your problem, don't worry for your valuable files it's still there just search on the drive c: or d:
To enhance PC performance: When there is no bad sector means the scan is complete, next step is to defragment you hard disk, your computer can access the file easily and performs better.
Just follow this all solutions in order to fix your computer.  
Tony Stevenson
Tony Stevenson
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Computer hangs when i remove the software


How are you removing the application, from the control panel or from the program files in the primary hard drive? In case you are trying to remove the software from the control panel.

And the application is so large, then the application is taking up a lot of memory space during the uninstallation and therefore making your computer to freeze. And this suggests that your computer is running on low memory.

Try the following:

  • Go to Computer, and then choose C;, or whichever hard drive that is your primary hard drive.
  • Go to program files, and then locate the folder that has the software that you want to delete.
  • Open the folder and delete all its contents.
  • When the contents have been completely emptied, go back to the control panel and then uninstall the software.


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