USB device’s access problem with CPU’s front side

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When I connect a USB device with front side of the CPU, I cannot access this device. But I see the confirmation message of USB device recognition in the notification area of Taskbar. On the other hand, when I use back side of the CPU for the same USB device, it works perfectly. How can I make the CPU’s front side workable for USB Devices?

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USB device’s access problem with CPU’s front side



There are different possible reasons why that occurs. In that case, we should try various of troubleshooting in order to fix the problem. Please feel free to try the following steps to fix it:

Solution no.1

Try the easy one first:

  1. Unplug all the USB devices.
  2. In device manager, delete all of the USB.
  3. Then, Reboot and allow the PC to reinstall them.
  4. Finally, Try your flash drive on front side of the CPU first before plugging any other devices.

If this doesn’t work follow the next solution.

Solution no.2

It seems that the ports had stopped on transmitting the data to your motherboard. The reason might be the cables are loose or the Card where they’re attached is damaged. I recommend you to open the case, and trail the cables of your front USB port to where they are attached.

Note: Be gentle and make sure that every cable is well attached to where it is attached.

That’s all, Hope it helps. 

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