I encountered a problems in my monitor

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My monitor is newly bought. But I encountered two issues on it. When connecting my HDMI cables, there is no signal or any information from my monitor. Then when using the full HD, I am seeing lines and some text are both flickering. How can I fix this?

Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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I encountered a problems in my monitor


Ok, so you mentioned two problems here.

1. With HDMI cable:

 Solution for this depends on what sort of data is monitored with the cable.

  • If the cable if not working you will get connection not found message with the monitor
  • If the cable is working and the data is for some reason not flickers and shakes and in worst case it won't display anything, meaning monitor and cable works but the system providing has some issue.

2. The issue of flickering:

This might be due to multiple problems,

  • The problem of checking the cable's performance can be checked as above 
  • Another problem could be with the Video drivers, which can be solved with installing right drivers for the system
  • Another one could be the video card is bad, which can be solved by replacing it
  • Another one could be that the monitor has some defects, this can be solve by contacting the support staff of the manufacturers' service station.
  • Also it might just be issue specific of the Windows operating system, which can be addressed by adjusting refresh rate as guided in the link: Correct refresh rate

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