Upgrading to Adobe ColdFusion 10

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I am currently using Adobe ColdFusion 9 as my web development platform.

Recently Adobe has launched Version 10 of ColdFusion.

My fact is that, am I really needed to Upgrade to ColdFusion 10, why and what features are making it improved?

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Upgrading to Adobe ColdFusion 10


Caitlincarmenn, thats a good question you have asked, it is possible to get a solution to your query for this. What you need to do is upgrade to the coldfusion 10 as you term because coldfusion 10 has so much improved qualities such as of the web enhancement by support of the HTML 5. It has much more web security and enhanced java integration as compared to ColdFusion 8 or 9.

With Adobe ColdFusion 10, you may not have to worry so much about the cache folder, since it takes care of that and it is trusted.

It also supports the Representational State Transfer (REST) web service which supports all HTTP methods along with JSON and XML serialization.

Finally, it also has much interoperability with Ms Office whereby it helps to read,create and update spreadsheets using the CFSPREADSHEETS tag. You can also be able to generate PDF files and from Powerpoint and Ms Word files. From presentations with Powerpoint, you can also be able to create SWF and HTML files. So it is very convenient since it also accesses files from folders or databases in a very simple way.

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Upgrading to Adobe ColdFusion 10


The Adobe ColdFusion is a rapid web application development software created in 1995 by brothers Joseph J. Allaire and Jeremy Allaire and sold commercially as a product of Allaire released on July 2, 1995. It was originally designed to easily connect simple HTML pages to a database.

ColdFusion is the common name used for the programming language used with the platform but it is more correctly known as CFML or ColdFusion Markup Language. In 1996 when version 2 was released, it became a full platform which added an IDE in addition to a full scripting language. Allaire was acquired in 2001 by Macromedia which in turn acquired by Adobe Systems Inc. in 2005.

On May 16, 2017, the “Core Support” for Adobe ColdFusion 10 ended. This means there will be no more security patches and or updates from Adobe for this version of ColdFusion after this date. For more information on the detailed timelines, go to the Adobe products and technical support periods page to see the end-of-life matrix.

“Core Support” is the time frame or period wherein the product and support programs are available. This provides five years (5) of product support starting from the general availability date of the product.

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