ColdFusion Server

ColdFusion Server

I am stumped on exactly what I am needing for this new class that I just started taking.  Which one of these would be the correct answer for a config problem – What kind of installation do you want?  Server configuration JEE configuration (EAR file) JEE configuration (WAR file) ?

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I want to built a website.My friend told me to use Cold Fusion Server.I used web-matrix but as I am a new user of Cold Fusion Server I want to know how to make database of a website on Cold fusion server? And how to make my server more secure using Cold Fusion Server?

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Hi all,

Previously I was using Cold fusion 8. There was no problem with it.

It worked very well, but I want to take the new version of Cold fusion. So I tried to install the developer’s edition, but unable to proceed further. I am getting the message saying that Cold Fusion, ODBC service not running/installed. After that I tried to add ODBC source, but no use. For Cold fusion 8 I was able to add successful.

I don’t know where is the problem with this new version? Did anybody faced this problem before? Please somebody suggest me. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I have to develop a PHP application. Last time when I am completing a PHP application I got some errors on my PC. So, I want to view PHP source from server a minute to do it appropriately. Can you help me on this project?

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I want to configure my magenta store. I want to configure Magneto popular search terms if anyone has any idea about it then help me.

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This is some strange error when I tried to import an existing project, the details of the error are also strange and after I click on the ok another error pops up that is asking me if I want to exit the workbench, anyone encountered this.

Multiple problems have occurred

An internal error occurred during: "Reporting encoding changes.".

Building workspace

Reporting encoding changes.

Internal Error

An internal error occurred while showing an internal error.

You are recommended to exit the workbench.

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How to send data to traditional SAP systems and dual? How could I identify that the legacy data  is working  on the SAP server? Anyone help?

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I am currently using Adobe ColdFusion 9 as my web development platform.

Recently Adobe has launched Version 10 of ColdFusion.

My fact is that, am I really needed to Upgrade to ColdFusion 10, why and what features are making it improved?

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We have ColdFusion Server MX7 and we need to restart it.

Can we restart this server via any code or Admin IP, without administrator ?

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I am running ColdFusion 8 under Windows Server 2008. The problem is ColdFusion is running under a domain application account rather than the default local. Which means, failed templates will keep active requests open. What permission setting can I do to resolve this issue?

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