Upgrading video card into 2 GPUs

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My friend ready to upgrade his video cards and stuck as to what should do.
He already have one 4850 512mb, and  thinking wanted to crossfire it with a 1GB of the same brand and model.

And now he doesn't know which to choose. The 4870 will be a bit more, which He is willing to pay, but only if it yields a much better performance gain over crossfiring the two 4850's.

Can someone give me some advice?

Another thing is psu.

I know it can handle the 2 4850's, but if it can't handle the 4870, there's no point in purchasing it.

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Upgrading video card into 2 GPUs



Crossfiring is great way to get more out of your system later on in its life span. Do note that this is recommended usually if a card has been used for quite some time and you would want to boost the performance by adding in another card. In your case, since you already have an existing card, and you would like to consider adding a new one to boost its performance, I believe it would be fine.

Just remember that the thing with crossfiring is that is can hit and miss, where some games may get double boost of performance, while some will not. It is with proper tweaking and setup will yield to great results.

Also consider that a high-end card nowadays will give you no problems too. There should not be an issue if you buy a better 4870 than a 4850 . As you've said, your friend is willing to pay if it yields better performance.

But if you are having doubts if the PSU can handle the 4870, I would agree that there is no point in purchasing it.

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