Upgrade xp to Windows 8

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Is there any possibility to upgrade windows XP directly to Windows 8?

How much does it cost ?

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Upgrade xp to Windows 8


Hello M Dou,

I like to inform you that you have asked the question mean time. Here is the great offer for you at a limited time.

You can have Microsoft Windows 8 pro form upgrading windows XP or later.

Here is the great news: the upgrade to this window 8 pro costs $40. Is not it amusing?

You can have the option of clean installation process although you can keep your own personal information as well as files.

For detailed information, I like to give you some link:

1. Windows 8 Upgrade Offer: $40, Even if Upgrading From Win XP

2. Microsoft Is Insane: Offers Windows 8 Upgrades From XP Onward For Only $40

One thing you should remember that your personal computer should have the capability of running windows 8.


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Upgrade xp to Windows 8


I’m not sure if you can really do an upgrade from your present Windows XP platform to the latest Windows 8 because it still depends on the specifications of your machine if it is compatible and can run Microsoft Windows 8 or not.

The first thing to do is to check if your computer can run Windows 8. Checking is easy. You just have to visit the “Buy Windows 8” page, Windows Download Shop Buy Windows 8, and then click or tap the button “Get started”.

It will download the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant which will guide you on the upgrade process and will tell you if your operating system can be upgraded or not. Enter the payment information on the next screen and then follow the steps after. The Windows 8 upgrade costs $119.99 and the Windows 8 Pro upgrade costs $199.99 USD.

The Windows 8 home screen

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Upgrade xp to Windows 8


Actually, I was fascinated by Windows 8 for its gorgeous new Start screen, faster startup as well as longer battery life with these wonderful visages. So I am interested to upgrade my Windows XP to Windows 8.

But I had no idea how I will do that.

At the last moment I have found my desired expectation information from the Techyv.com experts. Your simple and easy instructions were very reliable for everyone who has no idea about that before.

Your provided link and cost information was very helpful for taking a perfect decision. Sharath, you had mentioned in your comments about the specifications of the system unit, I'd already done checking the specification of my PC.

Thanks mate for your impressive comments.

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