Galaxy Phone & Samsung Tablet Sync issues

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Hi Guys,

I am struggling with a weird issue and I hope you can solve this predicament.I have a Galaxy phone and a Samsung Tablet.
On posting an appointment in the phone, it does displays on the tablet but there is a time discrepancy between the two.
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Galaxy Phone & Samsung Tablet Sync issues


I didn’t get it. I wish you explained it a lot further to better understand the situation. If you happen to notice something different with your phone, try rebooting it. Or you may also try turning it off, open its back cover then remove its battery for a couple of minutes. This is just to clear the phone’s system that is possibly affecting some of the task you are doing. After 5-10 minutes, connect again the battery then start the phone. See if there is a change.

You may also try upgrading your phone’s operating system just to raise the compatibility of the device to most of the programs.

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