Unlock protected docx software download

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Hello, guys! I am usually using docx for maintaining valuable data. At the same time, I have to protect them very securely. But, I have faced a problem to unlock protected docx. Can anyone help me to suggest any software for unlocking this?

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Unlock protected docx software download


Hello John,

You don't need any software to unlock the docx file, let me share some tricks with you with which you can unlock the word file. Make a copy of the docx file and then extract it with winZip. You will find a folder named word, inside the file you will get settings.xml, open settings.xml and edit  'W:enforcement="1"' to 'W:enforcement="0"' and save the XML file. Make a archive file again and then change the extension of the zip file to docx. You are done, now you can open the file.


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Unlock protected docx software download


Hi John,

Good day!!  The documentation “protection” is not actually very big protection at all. You simply have a flag in the .docx file telling “oh please dear user do not change my beautiful document and just try to have your text in the predefined fields”. .docx is actually zip archive containing XML files and you can manipulate its contents with a text editor and ZIP program.

Remove attributes in the following element:

<w:documentProtection w:edit="forms" w:enforcement="1" 



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