What is the Backoff virus and how does it work?

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Backoff is the name of the malware that had hit retail chains like Target in the holiday season last year. Recent reports suggest the virus is back in action. What is the mode of operation of this software? How does it manifest itself in its victims? Is there a way this virus can be detected?

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What is the Backoff virus and how does it work?

Backoff is a malware that belongs to POS(Point of Sale) family.
Seven Pos system vendors have confirmed that many of their customers
have been affected to this malware. There is an estimation that more
than 1000 businesses have been affected due to this malware.
Regarding its functioning-This malware is used to attack
the business system that use remote desktop applications. Apple 
remote desktop,Splashtop,Logmeln,etc., are some of the remote
solutions used to connect to computers through a remote location.
Once the applications of POS systems are identified, suspects hack
the login credentials of the remote solutions and gain the access to
the Adminstrator account and then the real story starts.
This type of malware is dangerous both to the customers and the
organisations; For the customers they have to face financial troubles
and the organisations have to face the reputational concerns.
For further assistance go through the PDF I provided. Hope it helped

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