Unity 3D online Error Code Database (wip)

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I need some of your suggestions here, should I use wiki-platform or what. I am planning to create an online error code database where it would be easier for one to get solutions for problems/issues.

By just searching the error id, one could get some tips or comments about it.

I appreciate your time with reading my concern.

Thank you.


 Assets/Sources/mBitmap2MeshV20d.js(88,40): BCE0017: The best overload for the method 'mBitmap2MeshV20d.CheckPixelAlpha(int,int)' is not compatible with the argument list '(float, float,int)'.

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Unity 3D online Error Code Database (wip)



Seems as if you are passing the wrong parameters to the function which you are using in the code.

  1. Make sure that the function you are using has the same number of parameters as you are giving to it.
  2. Also see if you are giving any null as a parameter as sometimes it creates some ambiguous results which are like this.
  3. After that, make sure that you are not duplicating any of the variables in the whole code which can possibly duplicate the values as well that are being used throughout the code.
  4. Re compile the code after doing the above mentioned things and the error will be gone.


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