An unexpected error Occurredusing PuTTY Connection Manager

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Hi troubleshooters,

I recently upgraded my system to Windows 7, everything looked perfect to me. But suddenly I am getting an error message when I try to use Putty connection to connect to Linux server. I cannot use Putty Connection in Windows 7? Is it a bug in Putty connection? Please help me to resolve the connection? Your help is great.

An unexpected error occurred :

Access to the path ‘C:Program Files (x86)PuTTY Connection Managerputtycm.log’ is denied..

Check log for further informations. (C:Program Files (x86)PuTTY Connection Managerputtycm.log)

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An unexpected error Occurredusing PuTTY Connection Manager


Supposedly, PuTTY has include support until Microsoft Windows 7 that is or that includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 but not Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Additionally, you may refer to Network Error Cannot Assign Requested Address for more details. Actually, you can download different versions of PuTTY Connection Manager from different websites but of course, sometimes they are written differently using different programming language.

If you are having a problem with the one you have, try PuTTY Connection Manager [PuTTYCM]. This version is coded using C# and it requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Download Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 first before installing PuTTY Connection Manager. When installing it for the first time, you need specify where you want to put the PuTTY executable.

Also, it requires that you configure few settings to make it run smoothly. Open PuTTY Connection Manager then go to Tools, Options, check “Enable additional timing for PuTTY capture [ms]”, and then set the value to 500ms. This opens the PuTTY window within the tab. See image.

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