Undefined function or variable “kjgh”.

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Hello guru, I use MATLAB programming language to write a model simulate.

When I try to run the model, an error message appears and it says that evaluating parameter is incorrect.

May I ask why this error appears and how can I fix the problem?

I appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Error evaluating parameter “rho” in “sm four bar/Connector Link


Error evaluating parameter “rho” in “sm four bar/Connector Link”

Caused by:

Undefined function or variable “kjgh”.

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Undefined function or variable “kjgh”.


In this error report we can see there is something wrong with your variables. You probably use undeclared variable somewhere in your program or you misspelled some part of your program. In Matlab you don't need to specify which type of variable you  need, it's enough to put VALID name for your variable and put some value in it. I wrote "valid" in upper case because you must know rules when you make variable, one of them is you can't use number as first character in name of your variable.
Be sure to check your program again to make sure you didn't make any of those mistakes I mentioned.


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