Unable to retrieve phone information

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My E71 is not getting detected with Nokia Software Updater.

I am currently using English versions of software:

– Nokia PC Suite

– Nokia Software Updater 1.4.85

Anybody has faced the same issues? I have already tried reinstalling all software, I am going through Device Manager and deleting all hidden Nokia E71 devices (with 'set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1'), disabling anti-virus and firewall software.

Is there any issue with this software versions combination: PC Suite and NSU

Unable to retrieve phone information

Unable to retrieve phone Information

Your device could not be detected. follow these steps to help reconnect your device.

1. Remove battery, charger and use cable from your device
2.Reinsert battery, charger and USB cable.
3. Press the power button on your device.
4 If problems persist, please reinstall Nokia Software Updater and restart your PC.

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Unable to retrieve phone information


Hello Hilyard,

The ultimate solution for this error:
You have to take the phone to a Nokia Care Center. May be they will take sometime, but they will install the latest software version after that you could use Nokia software update. Without that there is no other solution. I tried in many ways, but the last answer is the above one.
Hope this suggestion will help you.
Thank you.
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Unable to retrieve phone information




Try updating your Phone USB drivers first before updating the software. The possible cause of the problem is that phone USB driver is too old and outdated. Follow these steps to update your USB driver:

1.   Click start then right click on My Computer then go to Properties.

2.   Click the Device Manager in the left pane.

3.   A new window will come out where you can find all the devices that are connected to your computer.

4.   Look for your phone then right click on it. Select ‘Update driver’ on the drop down menu.

You can now try to update your phone software again. Best of luck!

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