How to Encrypt data in Lumia 920

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Dear Experts,

I have heard about RSA Decrypt Functions Windows Phone 8. What are the features of this function except encryption and decryption? I want to encrypt some data, how can I do it in Nokia Lumia 920.

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How to Encrypt data in Lumia 920


Hi M Willium

The only function of RSA Decrypt Functions is to Encrypt and Decrypt Data, and Yes! You can encrypt data in your Nokia Lumia 920Here are the steps on how to encrypt data on the Nokia Lumia 920


First make a new Windows Phone project in VS 2012

Create namespace System.Security.Cryptography in the code file

But in this sample, RSACryptoServiceProvider class is used which inherits from RSA class and makes unequal encryption and decryption using the algorithm of RSA.

Now, declare these data members:

1.    RsaProvider of type RSACryptoServiceProvider

2.    ByteConverter of type UnicodeEncoding.

Note: If you want to decrypt date on your phone here is the link

Decrypting Data using RSA in Windows Phone.

I hope this helps.

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