Unable to play .mp4 video file in Windows Vista and Windows 7

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I have created an .mp4 video file that works on DirectShow. I used ffdshow codec pack with my Windows XP computer and it works without any issues. But I have tried it with Windows Vista and Windows 7 PC, and I could not make it work. I already configured a lot of settings to make .mp4 file works, but I have no luck. When I tried to alter the backend to MF (Media Foundation), it works. But the problem is it won’t work with my Windows XP computer.  The default codec is set to ffdshow already but it is still now working. I tried everything but I was unlucky. I downloaded and installed GraphEdit as my last option but I got an error stating: “Could not construct a graph from this file. –Have you installed all necessary filters? – Note that the ‘Render File’ menu option cannot render *.GRF files. (Return Code: 0x80040265).” GraphEdit is unable to deliver the similar files. But my problem works when running GraphEdit, it can build a graph with ffdshow. The problem may be is the program I am doing is using MF codecs to deliver. How can I vary that setting?

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Unable to play .mp4 video file in Windows Vista and Windows 7


You will need to try the source url filter and see if that will help solve the problem. If that does not solve the problem just yet, then what I suspect to be the source of the problem is that your graphics card is not quite enough for the hard disk at the speed it is operating at, and therefore you might need to upgrade the speed of your system so as to improve the performance of the video card.

When it comes to the  graphics card then you might just need the clock speed improved do as to improve the playback of the video files that you will play.

You will need to update your graphics card, or as an alternative you may try to tune it from the nivida's site so as to over clock it.

-Keegan Robb


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