How I can solve start-up issue in Windows Vista Home Premium?

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Hi folks,

I have got a HP Pavilion Model# dv6700 notebook (Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2370, along with 3 Giga Memory).  I have also installed Windows Vista Home Premium on it.  But I am facing an issue with it's start-up.  In-fact, it was probably performing an  update automatically and now it won't start up anymore.

It usually gets to the screen where it says "Configuring updates etc: Stage 4 of 4 – 7% complete" please Do not turn off your computer. But there it hangs  for almost 20-35 seconds, then no advancements in the 7%. After that, it just reboots automatically.

This really is a very strange and irritating issue for me because I haven’t experienced such type of issues before and have applied all my known methods to fix it, but all declared as just the waste of my time. 

For the purpose of handling/overcoming this strange issue, I've tried starting my Windows from last known good configuration of the window first of all but via this, issue has not been fixed by me. I also tried running my operating system in safe mode but it didn’t work even in this case and just did the same thing as earlier.

Well, I think that I also have another option which is system restore, but I am afraid to take/choose it because it is not confirmed to me, that whether it would delete everything on my computer (like my documents,music or photos etc)? I just can say may be yes (that’s why I am not willing to choose the option of system restore).

Now, I must agree with the fact that I have got no further technical knowledge to solve this issue and that’s why I am asking for help from you dear.

Would you please like to tell me  “How I can solve start-up issue in Windows Vista Home Premium?” I am waiting to get/learn decent technique about this specific problem, from your side.

Any suggestion would be appreciated by me.


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How I can solve start-up issue in Windows Vista Home Premium?



The last activity your computer had before this problem occurred was the automatic update. Some updates will require rebooting, and continue the update after the reboot.
However, the problem here is that after reboot, your notebook is not anymore connected to the network. There are some notebooks that need to reconnect to the network every time it has been rebooted. So, after reboot, when the notebook is not connected to the network, the Automatic Update just keeps on querying to the network.
Try connecting to the network after your OS loads or you can go to the network settings to enable default network so that after reboot your network will automatically be chosen.
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How I can solve start-up issue in Windows Vista Home Premium?


Failure to complete Microsoft Windows Update

Microsoft Offers automatic update for security issues, service pack and bug fixes. By default, automatic updates are enabled in your system. This is the recommended settings for all Microsoft windows product. If the system or your windows operating systems detects your internet connection, the Microsoft windows will check on the Microsoft server for new updates.

And if new updates were found, you operating system will recommend you to reboot to install updates. Updates from Microsoft server will then be downloaded. Sometimes update counts more than ten and sometimes more than 50 updates especially if your operating system install's were not updated ever since.

Updating will take long hours, depending on the size of the update.  So you must be patient in waiting, until the update has been finished. There is a warning message that the computer is updating and warns you not to turn-off your computer during updates.

Turning off your computer during an update will cause serious errors in your operating system. Sometimes the computer doesn’t boot. You will also encounter blue crash, hung-ups and many abnormal activities of the computer. To avoid this, once you have engaged into updating your operating system, if it possible to the maximum extent, DO NOT TURN OF YOUR COMPUTER!

In no case, accidentally the power cuts off, lo-bat or at any cause, the update was aborted, you must reboot your computer or operating system into a “SAFE MODE”. To boot on safe mode, just select the menu safe mode on the menu where the start-up screen showed you when there is abnormal termination of your operating system.

If the start-up menu doesn’t appear on the screen after abnormal termination of your update activity, you may proceed with the menu by pressing F8, while the operating system is booting. Just keep on pressing F8 on or before the Starting Windows appears on your screen. Take a second try, if it still doesn’t appear or until you get in to the Start-Up menu options.

Going to the System Restore option, system restore option doesn’t restore your operating system as fresh operating system. It will restore the system, from the restore point you have selected or saved in your system restore point. For instance, before your computer got busted, you have installed a utility software in your computer but after installing your computer gets crushed, if your system restore point is activated or enabled you can restore your system down to the time where you have not yet installed the utility software.

System restore does not affect your documents, movies, videos, music, Photoshop documents, bitmaps or any other file you have created by the use of computer applications. Your files will still remains.

Another option to repair the error caused by aborted windows update, is to use your Windows installation disk and proceed on the Repair option on the installation disk. This will restore all files corrupted during the Microsoft Update which you have aborted.

If you feel that Microsoft Update doesn’t give you any advantage, you can turn-off your automatic update on your control panel settings. Just hit F1 on the desktop and search on the help window for the word “disable auto update. ” 

If you have turned-off this feature of Windows, Windows update will not bother you to update anymore, but you may have the risk of bugs and securities of Microsoft Windows.

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