Unable to import questions and users in TCExam

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In TCExam, Uploading has a function that is not permitted on my server. However, I can see the uploaded files in a temporary folder such as /tmp/. Everything goes well but after doing the function “move_uploaded-file”, I got an error. I was unable to remove from the /tmp/ location. Most probably it is because of a problem with permission. 

Because of this, I cannot import users and questions but importing images is still accessible through FTP. How can I resolve it? The error that I am receiving in TCExam is stating that the move_uploaded_file function is failed to open stream and that the permission denied.

Please help me.

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Unable to import questions and users in TCExam


UNDF means unclear. UNDF = unidentifiable format. It means it's in some really oddball codec or, more than likely, the file is corrupt.

Unfortunately, the file that has an extension of .002 is the second part of several compressed files that need to be unpacked together before it will give you an extension that can be read by the Media Player you're using.

It seems that you've got some more downloading to do. Sorry, I can't tell you which program was used to compress the file(s). It could be WinRAR or HJ Split or, at least, that's two programs that I know of that often give that type of suffix. The letters/numbers after the full stop.

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