Help me with no more winmail

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Hello TechyV users,
While searching internet I came up with a term which is no more winmail. Then I searched again for its explanation. But I could not gather any concrete information on it. Which I got was something like this "No more winmail is a MacOS X droplet that can extract attachments embedded in winmail.dat files". So please if you do have knowledge about no more winmail then please help me in this matter.

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Help me with no more winmail

Hi there Raymond L Gonzalez,
No more winmail was a simple script used to convert winmail.dat files to something readable by the MAC OS. Winmail.dat files were a big issue a while ago – when a Windows user would send an email attachment to a MAC OS user, it would be unavailable for the recipient. That is why No more winmail was created.
Anyhow, the project was started in 2005 and since the software is way more user friendly now is not needed so is abandoned. In case you are curious, you can find it at the following link:
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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