Ubuntu as compared to Windows- Pen-drive installation

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First of all, I would like to ask how are the windows OS different compared to the Linux-based Operating systems. I have opted to go for Ubuntu. Can anyone explain to me which is the most user-friendly Linux-based OS? Also, I heard that it is possible to run Ubuntu from a pen-drive. Can I be walked through the steps?

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Ubuntu as compared to Windows- Pen-drive installation



Windows is still much easier to use because it is user friendly. Linux has many available software, Games and programs. But in comparison to windows, Windows has large selection of programs. Linux is open source operating system where windows is not open source. We can change the code or can modify the code in Linux.

So, It is more difficult to familiar with Linux where windows is more user friendly.

The most user-friendly Linux-based OS:-

    Linux Mint is a computer operating system which is based on Ubuntu. It is user friendly, Easy to install,Safe and Reliable.


Run Ubuntu from a pen-drive.here are some steps:-

1.        Connect your USD device to your computer and select USB drive.

2.        After that select Linux Distro.

Download the Linux Distro ISO file and download it to the pen drive.

3.        You must define how much space should be kept free for your files and how it can be busy with the Linux distribution. If you do not know then give space between 300 MB and 500 MB

4.        After that there will be three options:

1.        Hide

2.        Format

3.        Enable Launching Linux Live in Windows


Click the Lighting icon to create . Now the app will verify all the steps and will extract the ISO file in your Pen drive and make the bootable Live USB Linux Disk.


Now you can boot Linux using USB option at the time of computer reboot.




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