Xine engine error- There is no input Plugin available to handle

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My DVD doesn’t work well and this error appeared and I have no clue about this error. Xine give me this error (error image below) every time I trying to play DVD. Please help me about this error. I tried search the internet but all solutions need to be a technical. Please give me simple solution for this. Thanks

Xine engine error

There is no input plugin available to handle ‘dvd://’.

Maybe MRL syntax is wrong or file/stream source doesn’t exist.

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Xine engine error- There is no input Plugin available to handle


Hi Philip,

What's the brand of your DVD? You can download your DVD driver to internet for free. You need a DVD driver in order to run your DVD just like when you install a MOtherboard you need a driver in order to run your CPU hardrive. Software is the one who control the harddrives just like this error. If you have an DVD installer then try to reinstall it again and this time it should be clean, try to use CD cleaner to make it safe.

Did you download your DVD drivers through internet?

If you downloaded it to the internet try to redownload again, errors like this are causes by file corrupt, meaning error on the download or there will be an interruption during the download. After all if you still find errors then you can now contact your hardware customer support about this. Some DVD have a low Quality Control on there product, you can ask them on how to fix this.


Raymond kidd

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