Two iTunes accounts on one Mac Pro

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I’ve been trying to create another account of iTunes but I’m having hard time doing it.  I just want to ask if it is possible to have two iTunes account on one Mac Pro and how to do it? Please help me. Thanks!

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Two iTunes accounts on one Mac Pro



Hello there!

Yes you can actually make 2 accounts in iTunes in one. There are methods to do so. Here's one:

In your Store Menu in iTunes, choose "Authorize This Computer" and log in appropriate information. It will not maintain separate accounts thus; all contents are seen in one single library.

Another one:

You may need to have another OS X user account. Go to your OS X System Preferences and choose Users & Groups section. Create another user account. This will give you a new iTunes account exactly as like starting to set up a new computer. In your new iTunes account, it will give you an empty library looking as if it really is a new account. 

Another method:

To create a multiple library in one OS X account, hold down the Options key when starting up iTunes and then you will see a dialog box prompting you to choose an existing library or to create a new one. With this, you can create the option of making a second iTunes library and then subsequently use to switch to your 2 iTunes library.


Hope it helped.




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