We could not complete itunes store request. An unknown error occurred (-9808)

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Hello all

Yesterday when I was trying to open iTunes, I got an error on my screen. The screenshot of the error is as follows:

We could not complete itunes store request. An unknown error occurred (-9808)

The message states:


We could not complete iTunes store request. An unknown error occurred (-9808)

Your help is required in this regard.

Waiting for your helpful suggestions.


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We could not complete itunes store request. An unknown error occurred (-9808)


Dear Greg,

I have read your question and I understand you are having issue connecting to ITUNES software, this could be caused by a security software is not well configured, meaning the security software of other companies than Apple, this can cause you to be unable to purchase or download from ITUNE store, and also if your computer is out of date this error can happen.

Now make sure that your computer is up to date by checking the date and time of the computer.

On windows click start, then control panel, Clock language and region, and then click on date and time.

Make sure that the version of your computer is updated.

Make sure that your computer can connect to the internet.

Make sure that you r operating system meets the ITunes minimum requirements (and you can check this on apple.com/iTunes/download.

Make sure that you have the latest ITUNES software.

If you are sure of all these things and yet you can’t connect to the iTunes store.

  • Try to open iTunes store on another device if possible.
  • Try to use another internet connection if possible.
  • If you are able to connect to the internet but not to ITUNES store check that your firewall is not blocking ITUNES software.
  • Try to connect to ITUNES stores as an administrator user, may be this is causing the issue.
  • Try to disable your security software of your anti-virus before you connect to ITUNES store see if that helps.

If you are still unable to connect to ITUNES store after checking all this, then you need to adjust your certificate settings.

On windows click on start, control panel, chose internet options, on the internet properties options click on advanced.

On the settings tab in front of you do the following.

  • Uncheck the box “check for server certificate revocation ( requires start)”.
  • Chose the option for “SSl3.0” and “TLS 1.0”.
  • Restart your PC and try again.

Now if you are still having the same issue then try to provide us with your operating system specifications and what ITUNES version you are having and if you were able to connect to ITUNES store before or not, so we will be able to help you.

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