Two email address configure in one outlook express

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I am using Windows XP in my PC. I have Outlook Express 6 by default with that operating system. I have two Gmail account. Can I use two different e-mail address to check mail in one outlook express.

If possible, how can I configure my outlook express software?

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Two email address configure in one outlook express

  • Hi, Yes you can set up multiple email address in One outlook express. Outlook will gather messages and collect email in a single inbox. To configure this here’s how:
  • Open your Outlook and click on tools menu at the menu bar then select account settings. In Account settings click new and then Microsoft exchange, HTTP, IMAP, or POP3, now click next then continue in the next account setup.
  • Now type in “your name” in the box labeled to appear in your outgoing emails, then your full email address in the Email address labeled box, type in you email password follow next instruction, once done click next to continue the set-up. When the email address is successfully configured click finish, and you have completed the set-up.
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Two email address configure in one outlook express

Multiple E-mail Accounts and Out Look Express

Out Look Express will serve multiple e-mail accounts. There are a couple of different ways to configure Out Look Express to help track e-mail addressed to different accounts. With out any modifications except setting up the mail accounts, every time you check mail by clicking on Send/Receive ALL messages from the various accounts will be downloaded into the In Box. However, let's say you have three family members who each have their own e-mail account from Clear Creek and you would like to keep each other's mail separate. There are two different ways you can set up Out Look Express to differentiate the different accounts. The first we will examine is "Message Rules" and the second is "Identities". Please read over the instructions for both before deciding which one is right for you. More detailed information can be found in the HELP section from the pull down menu in Out Look Express.
Configuring Out Look Express E-mail Accounts:

Before we look at "Message Rules" and creating "Identities" let's first look at how to add e-mail accounts to your Out Look Express. If you are going to use "Identities", do not create additional accounts until AFTER you have created your identities. The first step is to ensure your additional e-mail accounts are created on our mail server. So, contact Clear Creek per either e-mail or telephone to obtain your e-mail name and e-mail password, if you have not already done so. If you are using an Identity, you will need to switch to that identity before proceeding. To learn more about Identities and to how to set up refer to the end of this "tech sheet.
In Out Look Express
1. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
2. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click the Add button.
3. Select Mail to open the Internet Connection Wizard, and then follow the instructions to establish a connection with our mail server.
You will need the following information to supply to the wizard
Your e-mail address: e-mail [email protected]*******.net
Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server:
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:
Account name: insert your e-mail account name (NOT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS)
Password: insert the e-mail account password, which may be different from your user name and user password
Click on Finish in the last box to complete the wizard

Using "Message Rules"

Message Rules enables you to automatically sort incoming messages into different folders, highlight certain messages in color, automatically reply to or forward certain messages, and much more. In our scenario we will use three different family members (Bobby, Frank, and Lou) with three separate e-mail addresses.
Bobby's e-mail address is: [email protected]*******.net

The first thing we want to do is create separate folders in Out Look Express for each individual e-mail.
By Right Button mouse clicking on InBox and choosing "NEW FOLDER" we bring up the box. In Box is highlighted which means the new folder will appear as a sub folder of In Box. We will name our first folder Bobby and it will be used for Bobby's e-mail. You can name yours a friendly name to identify it from the others. Click on OK. Now we have a folder under In Box named Bobby. Now we need to create folders in the same manner for the other two mail accounts. When finished we are ready to create our mail rules that will make e-mail addressed to the different addresses will be placed in the different folders.
To create our first rule which will put e-mail addressed to [email protected]*******.net into the "Bobby" folder, we click on the Tools menu, point to Message Rules, and then click Mail in Out Look Express.

  1. Select the conditions for your rule by selecting the desired check boxes in the Conditions section. (You must select at least one condition.) In Box 1 we will select "Where the to line contains people"
  2. Then select in Box 2 "Move it to the specified folder"
  3. Click on "contains people" in Box 3. In the box that appears we would type the e-mail address [email protected]*******.net and click add. We can also put in Bobby Greg and add it also. This way mail addressed to [email protected]*******.net and/or Bobby Greg will be placed in the specified folder. Click on OK
  4. Next we need to click on "specified" folder, which brings up a folder tree and we will click on the folder "Bobby" and choose OK.
  5. In box 4. Name of Rule we can change the name to Bobby's e-mail or leave the default "New Mail Rule #1" but you will probably want to rename it something more familiar
  6. Click OK to complete this task.
  7. Now what we have done is made any mail addressed to [email protected]*******.net and/or contains Bobby Greg in the To: line will be placed in the folder Bobby in Out Look Express. When the mail is checked if any messages apply to this rule they will be placed in that folder. To view the messages you would click on that folder (we named Bobby) and those messages would appear on the Right side of the screen.

Now go back to step 1 and create rules for the other e-mail accounts.

There are other "rules" you can use to help you better sort and identify your mail. To read more about this feature of Out Look Express, click on Help from the pull down menus, Contents and Index and under Index enter rules to bring up the different help instructions for Rules.
Using Identities

Creating "identities" is a way for several people to use Outlook Express and the Address Book on the same computer. If you have more than one person in your house who uses the same computer for e-mail, each one can have a separate mail box in Outlook Express. This means that each person can have separate messages, contacts, and personal settings. This is possible by creating multiple "identities." Once created, you can switch between identities without having to shut down your computer or lose your Internet connection.

To add a new identity
1. On the File menu, point to Identities, and then click Add New Identity.
2. Enter the name of the new user.
3. Select the Require a password option, and then enter a password if you want to include a password for this identity. Be sure to remember your password if you choose this option. Outlook Express asks you if you want to log on as the new user. If you answer yes, you will be prompted for information about your Internet connection. If you answer no, the current user remains logged on.

After getting the identities set up then you can switch between the different ones by:
To switch to a different identity
1. On the File menu, click Switch Identity.
2. Select the user you want to switch to.
By logging in as each, identify then you would need to set up your personal e-mail account for that identity. You must be using the identity for that particular account.

You find more information regarding any of these procedures by clicking on Help-Contents and Index in Out Look Express.

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