Export contact and picture from Outlook 2010 to Gmail

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How can I export all the contacts and pictures from my Outlook 2010 to Gmail? If not possible, please elaborate me the steps to extract pictures in Outlook to a file?

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Export contact and picture from Outlook 2010 to Gmail


Hi Myrna,

Yes it is possible, below is the Procedure in transferring Contacts or files for Outlook to GMail;

  •     Open your Outlook, go to File menu, then click Import and Export.
  •     Click Export to a file, and then click Next.
  •     Click Comma Separated Value (DOS), and then click Next.
  •     In the folder list, click the contacts folder you want to export, and then click Next.
  •     Choose a location on your computer to temporarily save the file.


  •     Type a name for the exported file, and then click OK.
  •     Click Next.
  •     To add or remove fields to determine the way the contact information is saved in the new imported file, click Map Custom Fields.

 Note   The Map Custom Fields button in the Export to a File dialog box might not be available when you try to import data from another program or file. In the following actions will be performed box, select the Export check box, and then the Map Custom Fields button is available.

  •     Click Finish.
  •     Log on to your Google Gmail account.
  •     In the left column, click Contacts.
  •     On the right side of your screen, above the message count, click Import.
  •     Under Import Contacts, click Browse.
  •     Select the file you exported in step 9.
  •     Click Open.
  •     Click Import Contacts.

Hope this could help.

Best Regards,

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Export contact and picture from Outlook 2010 to Gmail

Hi Myrna!
Follow my instructions below to export your contact from Outlook to your Gmail account:
Step 1: Go to File > Option > Advanced
Step 2: Then select "Export"
Step 3: A window will appear name as "Import and Export Wizard" just select the "Export to a file" then "Next"
Step 4: Select the "Comma Separated Values (DOS)" the hit "Next"
Step 5: You can now see a contact list just the contact folder that you want to export then hit "Next"
Step 6: You have to save this file first to your computer so locate it in where you prepare to. Just delete it after you successfully exported this file
Step 7: Enter the name you desire for this file then hit "Next"
Step 8: Select the "Map Custom Fields" then hit "Finish"
Step 9: Sign in to your Gmail account
Step 10: Once you’re in, select "Contact" that can be found in the upper left corner of the screen
Step 11: You can see the "Import" on the upper right corner of your screen just select it
Step 12: Select "Browse" that can be found under the "Import Contacts"
Step 13: Select the file that you saved on your computer in the previous step the hit "OK"
Step 14: To finish the process just hit "Import"
I hope this instruction can help you with your problem.

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