Turning off the computer without warning

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Does anybody here experience turning off their computers without a warning? Please help me with this.


Benjie Paras

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Turning off the computer without warning


Hi Benjie,

Shutting down of the computer without a warning are resulting in hardware heat problems or processor fans that are not functioning. First Step is to open your CPU check the CPU fan if its working if not then do some troubleshooting try to find out what causes the fan why it is not working, check the supply wire if it overlaps the fan, remove the wire so that the fan operates. 

Check the fan of your power supply if it's working if not replace your power supply fan if you have an extra fan you can also replace your whole power supply if there's a problem. Sometimes virus also can cause this turning off experience. Reinstall your OS if your computer still turning off without warning.

Tony Stevenson

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Turning off the computer without warning


Computer shuts down could be triggered by a number of things. The most common is faulty fans that are causing the processor to overheat beyond acceptable limits. The first thing to do should be to open the casing of your computer just after it shuts down, (remember to disconnect from the main power before opening the inside of your computer) and remove the CPU Fan and heat sink and feel whether the heat sink is actually hot, you may also try and feel the processor before removing it. If indeed the processor is hot, try cleaning the heat sink off any dust and all dirt.

Cleaning Cpu Fan

Also, check whether the processor fan rotates when you spin it with your fingers, (normally, the fan should rotate for up to 20-30 seconds before it stops). If your fan doesn’t rotate well and is sticky or hardened with little or no movement at all, you can either clean it as well or replace with a new fan.


To clean, you simply apply some WD40

WD 40 to clean

Or any multipurpose lubricant oil – (the kind used in sewing machines, bicycles, etc.) by removing the label and a plastic cap that covers the spindle hole. Apply a drop or two and leave to dry or wipe excess liquid with a piece of cloth. Also clean all computer openings and make sure that there's room for air flow in your machine.

Clean the Vent on the power supply

Cleaning all other openings, including the power supply unit and its fan can also reduce the risk of overheating and unnecessary shutdowns. 


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