Try to update Google Chrome browser getting an error

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When I try to update Google Chrome browser you get an error saying "update server not available (error: 3)".

Please help me to fix this error.

I need your assistance. Provide solution with proper instructions.

Thanks for help.

Update server not available (error: 3)

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Update server not available (error: 3)

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Try to update Google Chrome browser getting an error



The reason for this error is when you install Chrome via an small online setup file, a process named GoogleUpdate.exe will be installed on your system and is responsible for regularly checking updates for Chrome and installs available updates.

If it stops running or its location is changed, then you’ll get this update server not available errors. Below are the steps following those you can fix your problem:

1. Check if the GoogleUpdate.exe is present at the default location: “C:Documents and Settings%USERNAME%Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleUpdateGoogleUpdate.exe"

2. If it is not present at the default location then uninstall and then reinstall the Google chrome.

3. If the process is present there, then you need to modify the following registry entry on your computer: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID{2F0E2680-9FF5-43C0-B76E-114A56E93598}LocalServer32

You need to modify the default value to the location given in step 1 and this value needs to be in double quotes.

Other reason with Chromes update mechanism is related to user permissions, please check if you have configured Google chrome always run as administrator, and if so you can avoid this by simply running Google chrome as a normal user, alternatively you can reinstall your Google chrome application using an alternate installer.


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