True Type Export error in Corel

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Hello All,

After scanning some of my photos and open it with Corel draw doing some enhancement in my old photos were I need to export the other image. One of my problem is can’t see the artwork and this error True Type Export displays. Don’t know what true type means in Corel draw. Any ideas, Thanks All!


TrueType Export

Too many objects to export


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True Type Export error in Corel


That error is occurring because you are not using single objects or composite paths only when exporting the files. For the letterform that you are designing using true type to be compatible with the digital font file format, every character that you are using should be a single closed path object, and it should be comprised of one or more sub paths to it. But in case the character or the symbol design that you are using has more that on object, then that it when you will end up getting the error message like the one you have posted above when you try to export the character. So just rectify that and everything will work fine.

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True Type Export error in Corel


Hello Friends!

First of all you have to start procedure to resolve this into parts [control+k] your character, and then tab through into that pieces.

Go to the command line, if you have open path you need to delete or close this. You may be find some stray line while scanning which creates the open paths that are very difficult to see [in the art work type]. You have to correct them or delete these open paths and choose the all other parts to your art work and group them [control+1].


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