Other aspects and facts for Adobe After Effects CC software

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is there any lapses that Adobe After Effects CC? What are the views and preview options available for this software? What do you mean by Mercury Transit? What are the available animation and keyframe settings? What do you mean by Puppet tools? What is the use and importance of it in this software? What are the available color management for this? What are the best features in drawing, painting and path creation? What is mass tracking?

Please provide me information for this software.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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Other aspects and facts for Adobe After Effects CC software


Hello Stephen!

There are several types of options and views in After Effects CC.

1.       Zoom an image for preview

2.       3D view

3.       View layout and View Settings

Mercury Transmit is like a middle-man that transmit video to video frames to external video device. It is the connector between the software and the video graphics hardware to render animation or graphic effects.

Keyframes can be changed in the Timeline. If you will look in the left side of the timeline, you’ll see “Transform” drop down. Click it and it’ll show you some properties that you can use in your animation. By clicking on the “Clock” icon in any of the presets that will automatically assign Keyframe and set it to the desired time to extend and make some variations. Puppet tool uses mesh to deform your object. By deforming the object you’ll get an effect that the object seems to naturally moving. Color management lets the user to create a real-life output of color in After Effects. After Effects automatically adjusts the color while editing to improve picture output. It automatically assigns color profile in the project and it’s up to you to manipulate it. We have frame-by-frame drawing in After Effects. You can also make hand drawn objects over a video or animation. Scaling to a Path motion can be achieve in After Effects also and slow motion, freezing a frame, reverse the clip.


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